If you've been following me in the live room this week then this trade will be familiar to you. To give a brief recap this was an aggressive C buy on the GBPCHF. After entering this trade we instantly shot up about 50pips during the live room. However, when we returned the next day we noticed that instead of hitting target 1 or hovering around the break even mark, we were down almost 70pips. I can only imagine how I would have reacted two years ago.  Let's see probably a lot of complaining, yelling at myself for not taking profits when it was up 50, followed by threatening to toss my computer out of the window. Glad those days are over.  Since those times I have learned a lot about proper trade management and how the market likes to move. Therefore when I woke up to being down 70pips I wasn't really upset because I was prepared for that move to happen. When checking the charts a few minutes ago after being away from my charts all afternoon, I see that price action has again moved in my direction and in closing in on my first target. IF and that's a big IF, this trade goes on to win it won't be because I'm some super-trader that can predict every move the market makes. It'll be because I was smart with my trade management and even smarter with my trading 

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