Not much going on today for far. Just got entered in a trade on the AUDUSD but other than that, the market isn't doing anything.  I titled today's post Step Away From Your Charts because this market can truly drive you crazy if you get obsessed over it.  When entered in a trade most people (including myself) want to see instant movement or success.  This is never the case in this market. Rarely do you see price action move straight up or straight down, and when you do it's usually the times when your not in it. Therefore hen I'm entered in a trade (especially if the target is far away) i try to get my mind off of it and do other things. I am still human so I often sneak back to my computer to check where it's at, but I've been getting better at not watching it second over second. Also if you stress over it you will never get any sleep. Trust me when I first started I would literally wake up every couple of hours just to check on the trade. This was cool for about a month, then the lack of a good nights rest started to catch up to me. Not just because I was waking up so often, but also because I could fall asleep due to my mind wondering.  Now that I've been doing this for a little while longer, I've realized and learned that my waking up has absolutely no effect on the direction that the market moves. So now if I'm in a trade overnight I just tell myself this "when I wake up one of three things can happen. I could have lost money, i could have gained money, or I could still be in the trade." 

 In a week or so my small business will be 6 months old. It seems like it was just yesterday when I started so it'll be a good time for an evaluation.  I'll probably post that under the "from A Young Entrepreneur" blog but it should be good. I'm not really sure where I stand as of being happy or sad with the first 6 months but I have about 10 days to decide so stay tuned. 



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