Yesterday I missed two great trading opportunities. I'm not really mad in a way that I'm throwing my computer and breaking things, but I am upset. However this proves that if you stick to your guns the payoff will come. So it's a great confidence builder to say that I would have been right, but it doesn't help the bank account. It also proves that I need to focus more in my analysis. Because of yesterday I have decided to change my daily routine to that I have specific times that I check my charts. In the past it was kind of an unwritten rule that I just did because it was a habit. But I've learned that if you right things down in a schedule, it forces you to be more accountable. So we'll see. I just entered a trade a minute ago and have another one on the radar for some point today so we'll see if we can restart this winning streak. 


That is one thing I SERIOUSLY need to do better, write things down in a schedule. I think my past 5 days would have gone a lot better and less stressful if I would have done that. Good tip to stick to the script.


I've found that writing things down leaves me more accountable. If I have something written down, especially in an open place then I have to do it or possibly face the wrath of a smart A. Because i know I would be that person to come in and be like "hey Gee so how did you finish that picture?" "Well your to do list said you should have sooooo?"


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