Even though I was away from home I figured that I would be able to continue my daily trading routine. After all everything I needed was right in front of me. A notebook to take notes in and my laptop to access my charts on, and my will and desire to make some money. Unfortunately I forgot to inquire about the most important factor.  A good internet connection. As I smacked myself in the head repeatedly calling myself an idiot, I wondered what my solutions were. Having an internet feed was critical because without one I would not be able to place any trades electronically. Sure I could call into my broker but the problem with that was that my trading day is half finished by the time their offices even open.  While going into shock mode one of my colleagues informed me that he had a mobile hotspot on his phone that I could use to access the internet. This was a big relief, unfortunately when I connected to it the network speed wasn't fast enough for the charting package I use.  Being a professional trader means that you need the fastest connection speed when trading.  Any hiccups or connection losses can be dire to your success, especially if you're a day trader scalping for pips.  Long story short I had to go out and buy a broadband connecter from my mobile phone provider which cost me a lot more than what I was willing to spend. However, I had no choice. Call in the price of business.

Coming tomorrow: Adjusting your routine.

This blog is informative. Twitter is the social media were all friends and relatives were connected..All types of communities were added by this media. I enjoyed every single part of it and I will be waiting for the new updates.


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