Today's entry deals with discipline.  But before I start let me tell you about a conversation I had with my brother yesterday.  We spoke earlier in the day about him starting a new schedule at his job, one that he enjoyed more than his current one. Although it's not his dream job, he understands that it's something he has to get through in order to take the next step in life. I responded by telling him not to lose hope and to use this part of his life as motivation, so that once he is done with it, he will never want to go back. He agreed with me and commented on my recent situation saying

"Man, I commend you every day for making the move you did. You're doing what A LOT of people are afraid to do and that's follow their dreams. People expect it to be easy and that's why some people may not understand why you do what you do. Not that an answer is needed but it's so obvious!"

Being self-employed is difficult, especially when you're young and broke and you have bills at the end of the month that have to be paid. It's even harder when your job doesn't have a set pay scale. It's even worse when you consider that you can actually lose money every month. It's things like this that sometimes make me want to take the easy way out and just go after a 9-5. But like my brother said that would be the easy way out.

With all of the difficulties I dealt with on my trip (different work setup, having no internet to start and being forced to change my routine) it would have been easy to just say "I'm not doing it this week" and enjoy my time in the sun. But how would that be positive? I told myself I was going to conduct business as usual even though I was away and that's what I did. I didn't have the computer setup that I preferred, so I did the best with what I had, I didn't have internet, so I went out and bought some, I didn't feel like waking up 4 something in the morning and chugging coffee, but I did it anyway. I honestly wish I can say that I had a super week of trading as a pay off, but I didn't. My trading sucked that week. But you know what, I came out a much stronger person because I proved to myself how dedicated I was. And I hate to take into consideration what other people think, but I also proved to some others that what I do is not a joke.

A little off topic, but when people hear self-employed they usually don't take you serious because it's not the norm. It's not what they expect, not what they're used to so they write you off.  But you know what, I just don't dare to be different, I LIKE IT. I don't want to fit in with everybody else, because that would mean that I'm average and why should I strive to be average?  Let me stop, because this rant can go on forever, but the point was that discipline is the key to success and if you are dedicated enough to a certain task, you will eventually succeed at it. 


I just realized I responded to this on facebook lol but I'm going to leave one here as well.

Keep inspiring Bro. Keep saying 'No' to the easy button and doing what it takes to succeed in what you love.


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