Today was an interesting day in the market. When the market opened last night 3 out of the 4 trades I placed last night were in a profitable position. However, I woke up to a big surprise. The Euro got some good news over the London session and because of that the markets rallied eating up all of the profit I earned. Well not earned, but was in. Thankfully I was only stopped out on one of my trades. the others rallied, but because I had by stops tucked above some pretty relevant structure I was not taken out. It's funny because as I watched a pretty healthy profit swing turn into a pretty hurtful draw-down, I didn't change emotionally at all. I had faith that I protected myself not to be stopped out just yet and if I was then it just wasn't meant to be. After returning home a few minutes ago, I noticed that I am still in the 3 trades and that although 2 of them are still in the red, it is much lesser than when the day began. The other 1 is actually in the profit zone and I am trailing it at my original target.

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