So yesterday I told you how many of my trades went from really good to pretty bad, to not so bad. Well today all 4 trades were stopped out. 3 for losses and one for profit. Yes it was difficult watching a winner go to a loser. You can imagine that I felt like a New York Giants fan when they blew that lead to the Philadelphia Eagles. However, my trading Mentor Jason Stapleton from triple threat trading always told me to never count your profits until they are in the bag.  Of course in the past I have done so plenty of times only to be met with rage or depression whenever I do so, but because of those experiences I have become mentally numb to the markets. I no longer get excited over wins or upset over losses. I just keep it moving. With that being said I am in 3 more trades as we speak, a few of which are betting on the same currency that I just got stopped out on. Yeah it seems dumb, but I'm dedicated to sticking to my plan and following through with it.  I'll let you know how they go, but I really feel like I'm starting to understand a little more about the market each day. KAIZEN! 

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