Thousands of traders packed the room yesterday to do some harmonic and ratio based trading. No I'm not talking about my room (I wish), I'm talking about day 3 of the International Traders Workshop. Today was the day that many people were waiting for because Master Trader Jason Stapleton was going to demonstrate some of the skills that he had taught over the past few days by trading live in the markets. While this was going on, we were slowly and silently (literally) making a killing in the Live Ratio Room. 

Today we were 3 for 3 in the room with one of our trades FINALLY hitting it's second target. With that being said I also missed out on 2 other trades that would have been pretty nice as well. Why did I miss out you ask? Well if you've ever been in a presentation or have heard a lesson by Jason, then you probably know that when he starts speaking you often fall into a trance. Even though I've taken his Pro Trader course, sat in a live room with him for months and have attended EVERY free seminar he's done in the past 2 years, I still find it amazing how I seem to learn something new each time he speaks.  With that being said, if you're familiar with trading on lower timeframe charts then you know that all it takes is a few minutes of distractions to miss out on some potentially good moves.  We were still able to make out with about 120pips in total today, but we did leave some on the table which I don't like. Oh well, you live in you learn.... and you get better. 

Market is always there but you don't get many opportunities of free lessons from a pro, even though they make good refreshers for as ex students. I'll take these free opportunites every time.

If you're not trading that means you still got money in the bank!


Hi Akil,
I enjoyed the international workshop but due to time differences (Aus) I was only able to attend the last day whilst at work through my tablet. This meant the link to the RMS series sighnup link didnt show, and the recorded video doesnt show it either. Could you send it to me please.


Here goes the link Mark


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