Some is better than none. Today was another positive day in the Live Trading room. No we didn't earn a hundred pips, but we didn't lose any either.  Today we entered 2 trades, the first earned us 14pips on target 1 before being taken out for breakeven, and the second is still in progress and is not expected to reach targets until... well who knows when. The point is even though we only made a slight profit, it's much better than losing money.  More importantly is shows that we are really patient in what trades we take and only look for the BEST trading opportunities. So far in five days of trading we only took 9 trades. However, out of those 9 trades 6 have been winners, with 1 loss, 1 breakeven, and 1 in progress.  With that (disregarding the breakeven and in progress trade) we're looking at an 85% win percentage. LOL crazy right! Don't worry I don't expected this to be the case throughout the rest of the year, but there is nothing wrong with getting out to a quick start. 

What I'm more excited about is the fact that people have been telling me that they are learning a lot in the room. One member even told me that he made 137pips today using the strategies that we go over in the room. To me this is the exciting part simply because the main reason for me hosting this Live Room, as well as this site, is so I can give back. I feel as if I was very lucky to stumble into a great mentor like Jason who taught me the tools needed to be successful in this industry. I know that they're many others out there that were just as I was and I want to provide them a similar opportunity. Obviously, I'm not going to run a training course or anything like that, but if I can simply act as an example of somebody that made it, then thats good enough for me, 

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