Yesterday was a really rough day for me as far as trading goes. Not only did I wake up to having one of the trades I placed last week getting stopped out, but I also lost every day-trade I made.  It was truly one of those days where it felt like I just couldn't do any right. With that being said, its days like yesterday that really allow myself to see how much I've grown as a trader. I know, I know, you're asking yourself how can he say he's grown when he didn't have a single winning trade. Well I grew in the sense of how I deal with the day emotionally.  In the past I would have started second guessing all of my moves and probably destroy the system I use and start over from scratch.   But you know what, this is just part of the game. Losses are part of trading and if I can't deal with that then I don't need to be in this position. I relate a lot of my trading to sports, so I ask myself "does a running back get positive yardage on EVERY run? And if not does the coach take him out or stay with him. Or does a pitcher never walk a batter?  The past is usually a pretty accurate prediction of the future and as long as the track record of my system proved to be positive while I was back-testing it, then the future should be similar.   My most disappointing trading story from the past comes from me having a really bad losing week, quitting on my system, then missing a week (where if I would have stuck to my game plan) I would have doubled my losses from the previous week. OUCH! Days like this are meant to test your dedication and as long as you stay true you will end up on top in the long run. 


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