I don't know if it's luck or what but I couldn't ask for a better start to todays trading day. As you know I am both a day and swing trader that uses both a long-term system (hours to days) and a shorter term system (minutes to hours) to trade. Well today I had trades posted in each system going in opposite directions. I was going long on the USDCHF and short on the EURUSD. Before the news event at 8:30 I was very close to being stopped out in the EURUSD trade and about half way to my target in the USDCHF trade. When the news event came out in the US's favor I figured that whether good or bad I would be stopped out of at least one trade. To my enjoyment when the release came out it shot my USDCHF to my profit target area. It was actually about 10pips short but I have in my rules that I can take profit out early if it's within a certain percentage. And with the EURUSD trade, price action came within 1pip of stopping me out (and reversing me for another loss) and shot up and hit my profit target. Call it having my stops in the right place, or just plain old good luck, but I needed something like that to start my day off.  It's been a much better month of trading so far and with my 6 month anniversary coming up I have a lot to look forward to. 

Progression. :)


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