Since I've been a pretty active day trader as of late, I decided that it might be beneficial to provide a daily recap of how things went.  I got the idea from reading through some of Norman Hallet's journaling techniques and think that writing about my day will provide a sort of trading self-reflection which will hopefully allow me to grow.  So we'll see how long I stick with it, but I actually enjoy writing so here we go!

Today was a pretty slow day in the market for me. With that being said I was still able to pull out some profits so that's always a plus. Although I had a lot of setups on my radar, I was only able to get filled on a single trade. A few trades never completed and one came within a single tick of my entry before reversing into what would have been a profitable trade.  The one trade I did get involved in was a bullish AB=CD pattern on the USDCAD which hit target 1 for 39 pips and is currently still in the progress of trying to hit target 2 for 83 pips or stop me out for break-even.   So in the worst case scenerio its a +39 pip day which ups the weeks total (day-trading wise) to +98pips. We'll see how tomorrow goes but if we can stay in the positive territory then that makes me 2 for 2 since switching to a day-trading technique 2 weeks ago. We'll see though, I never count my eggs. 

Other than that i'm also involved in a few longer term swing trades on the EURUSD. AUDUSD, USDCHF and the AUDNZD. 

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