It seems like I've been hearing the word "patience" over and over again as of late. Whether it was a quote of the day given to me by a fellow trader, directions from my head coach at the university I coach at, or the self talk that I constantly have been giving myself.  Yes, I talk to myself, I mean after all I am a trader, and if you're one too then you know it's often a lonely job. Add to that if the market is having a slow day then it's like watching paint dry. That is, if you're trading the right way. Patience is on of my biggest downfalls as a person and was not a good trait to carry over into trading. I remember when I first started out, if the market wasn't offering any good trading opportunities I would hunt and hunt and hunt until I found one.Sometimes this would work, but the majority of the time I would be taking very risky setups that I really had no business being in.  

As I look back on those days I have really come full circle and the main thing that shows me that is my ability to run a live room and keep my cool. One of my biggest fears in running this live room was that we would start off the week with no valid trading attempts and I would revert back to my old ways of over analyzing in order to give the people in the room some action.  Even though we haven't had any extremely busy days, we've had enough action to keep things rolling and not have that awkward moment nothingness.  This was exactly the type of start I was hoping for and because we've been able to start of with 3 wins, 1 loss and 1 trade for break even, there is really no pressure to trade. Honestly there wouldn't be any pressure to trade even if we were down a lot, but lets just be honest, life just seems better when your up instead of down. 

I'm going to end this post early because I have to grab some eats before the Ratio room opens, but if you'd like to join me we still have the FREE 2 week trial offer going on so I'd love to see you in there.

Great Job in the live room Akil. Your'e patience is great considering you haven't had a day with out the computer software playing up.

It is excellent how Jason and Todd run their business, allowing folks to get an opportunity to follow you and share heaps of information that is not normally given away.
Being around the markets for a few years now, I would have to say patience is one of the better attributes to get on in this business, being with out it means you are missing one of the necessary disciplines you have to trade the markets.
My patience is being tested now Its late here in OZ and getting filled on the same AudUsd gartely as you means I think were on the slow bus. Eventually got to B/E and am now trailing my stop.
Hope it's a winner for anyone on the ride.
All the best for your Ratio room work


Those guys at Triple Threat do a great job of developing traders. As I look back on my life connecting with Jason 2 yrs ago was probably one of the best decisions I made in my life. But your right patience is key. I had a friend that trades that missed out on over 500pips one month just because he didn't have the guts to sit through his trades.


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