Slooooooowwwwww day today. Only took one trade and it happened to be a target 1 winner for +17pips. With that being said I was really excited today because the trade I took was different from what I usually do which says a lot for the extra work (training) I've been putting in on my structure analysis skills. I'll do a full explanation of the trade in a Chart Talk post so make sure you check out that section. Anyway the +17pips puts us at a total of (-10pips) for the week. If you want to be technical that would make it (-10pips) for the month as well,but I always like to start fresh so i'm counting this week as being a November week so my total is still +390. I'm undecided on whether I want to trade tomorrow or not. If you've been involved in the market for a while then you're aware that the 1st Friday of every month contains the Non-Farm Payroll announcement which is known to move the market in a major way.  During my swing trading I could car less because things usually balance themselves back out eventually and get back on track with the normal trend. However on a 5min chart, an impulsive 50-100 pips move would really have  a major effect on my positions. Therefore a may just play the role of a fan and watch. Or at least pick out a window before and after the news release where I get out. We'll see. 

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