Hey guys, today was the fist day that I decided to start using my live account for my day-trading on the 5min charts. For those who have been following, I added this strategy to my portfolio at the beginning of the month but before jumping right in with real money, I decided to trade for a few weeks with a simulation account until I became comfortable with the speed of things, as well as define what strategy I wanted to use.   Because of the success I was having in my 3 weeks of sim trading (400pips) I honestly expected to start off with some losing trades simply because that's how it has usually been for me, but this was not the case.  Today I was 2 for 2 on trades taken (69pips) with both being stopped out for break-even after target 1 was hit. No advanced patterns just plain old structure and ratio's. Below are some charts of what I took this morning. 

On the swing trading side i had my 2nd target hit in the EURAUD trade and have nothing else in progress. There isn't much more on my radar, but that can easily change when I do my analysis tonight. See you guys tomorrow. 

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