What a day! What a day! I'll tell you what guys, today was one of those days where I really feel like I earned my paycheck.  Sometimes the markets can become very dull and slow, but today it seemed as if I was off to the races as soon as I started. Although I don't start my day-trading until 8:00am est. I'm up at 6:30 every morning to do some longer term analysis and have some "me" time for breakfast and stuff. While doing my swing trading analysis I noticed a pretty good setup occurring on the CADCHF chart. It was an opportunity to get involved in what I was taught to be called a "26-18" trade.  I haven't traded this setup in a while s o before entering I had to scramble through my old notes in order to find out where to place stops and targets at.  By the time I placed this trade it was almost 8am so I had to hurry to grab a bite to eat.  When I started looking at my day-trading charts I immediately noticed about 3 abcd patterns that had already hit their entry points so I assumed the day would be un-eventful. However when I started looking a little deeper I found 3 other setups that were still valid. One was a potential butterfly that never completed, another was a double top which ended up stopping me out for break even and one was an abcd pattern on USDCAD which is shown below in the grey charts.  The "26-18" trade on the CADCHF & the USDCAD trade both ended up being 2 target winners totaling 195pips of profit.  Not bad for a few hours worth of work.  Yesterday would have been a big day, but of course this would have been the first week following my decision not to trade on Monday's (may have to rethink hat). Anyway we're off to a great start with 195 for the week and I feel 100% comfortable on this time frame now.  I'm really excited about the new year for reasons I won't discuss yet. But I appreciate you guys following me on this journey and hopefully you'll continue to do so. 

P.S. If you have questions about what the "26-18" trade is and how you can learn about it. Watch the FREE video on my mentor Jason Stapleton's site.  ( http://forexmarketpreview.com/

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