After what seems like and endless loosing streak, today was finally a good day. My day trading system was about 50-50 today but some swing trades that I ha don for a few days finally reached my profit targets. This proves that when things are going bad, you have to stick to your guns and follow your rules.  You must treat your trading like a business and not like a game. In a game you can quit whenever you want, but in a business you have to stay in the game through thick and thin.  

Other than that I'm still working on my new trading strategy. After testing trade after trade after trade and year after year after year, i discovered that what I was doing was not profitable enough over time for me to use. Therefore, I had to go back to the drawing board and (not start from scratch), but make a few tweaks.  Its all about trial and error.  So I'm testing it again and we'll see how it fairs. 

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