I usually like to think of myself of a law-abiding citizen. However, after today I feel as if I need to make a confession. Me, Akil L. Stokes, along with over 60 other traders should be arrested for what we did in the market in a mere three hours today.  What did we do? Well...We stole pips... A whole lot of pips...And got away with it!

The Live trading room has been up and running for about two months now. During that time we have had many good days, bad days and even days. Today was a great day. I'm not going to go into detail about what we traded and why we traded it (maybe I'll do a Chart Talk post later) but today we were able to turn good trades on basic advanced pattern entries into great trades by being smart with our trade management skills and disciplined in our trading psychology.  We only entered two trades today and between those two trades and a swing trade from last week  we were able to grab a over 350 pips of profit from the market. Not to mention we still have half of a position trading towards  a second target as I type this. (Banking 46pips at minimum, shooting for 206 pips on a 2nd target). 

The final day of last month was pretty bad for us, almost sucking up all of our profits. I was delighted to see that we didn't have a repeat performance today. As I mentioned earlier, we still have one trade in action seeking a second target but aside from that we've made almost 800 pips in the room this month.  

To the members of the live room, Thank you for another fantastic month. I love the vibe in the room and it certainly makes my trading day a lot more exciting by sharing my thoughts with all of you, along with hearing you're as well.

To the new members taking advantage of the $7 two week membership trial: I hope you're ready to trade and share three hours a day with a group of experienced traders as well as others like yourself that are just getting into the market. 

Nuno Leitão

Great day! today i hanged on Scott room, i needed to clarify about the STS mechanical i own. But im glad the room runned great, i also have been involved on that EURUSD gartley with T1 on 26 pips already in the bank and trailing with the 2618 fibdot T2 has 93 more pips already secured. No doubth its being a great day!


will return quickly


will return soon


THX for info


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