I have been blessed with opportunity to have a career, which I have a great passion for. I am in a great place mentally, professionally, physically and spiritually however, my personal life has not been as successful since my transition 3 years ago. This leads me to share my story about finding your niche.

I remember past experiences when I went through struggles such as working a job I strongly disliked, being enrolled in a college class that I did not want to be in or having to obey my parent’s rules which went against my personal preference haha!  In all of the situations I listed I have 2 options, I could complain and become rebellious or I can find my “niche” and make the best out of the situation at hand.

A niche is a place or position suitable or appropriate for a person.  As I stated before I am excelling mentally, professionally, physically and spiritually however I am struggling in my personal life.  Balance is key in order to create harmony and peace within, therefore I am not balanced because my personal life is lacking.  This has really impacted my life over the last 3 years, at times I have become angered, frustrated and sadden by my inability to create the perfect balance in my life.  Finally, I learned getting upset will not help but will enforce the feeling even more causing a wave of negative energy.  Instead I have found my niche, which has helped me become successful in my personal life.  I enjoy being in relationships and creating relationships, therefore being a mentor and providing a service for students/community members one must be engaged in multiple relationships with people of all walks of life.   These relationships have temporarily filled the void that once was vacant.

There is a little bit of good in everything and always something positive in every negative.  With that said despite your condition find your “niche” the place where you fit in or is appropriate for you.  Once this is accomplished one will find joy and/or positive energy in whatever it is you do no matter the current status.

Since I have applied this theory to my life I have been able to cope with my personal life and am currently in a more peaceful place than I had been in the past 3 years.

Find what makes you happy and “get in where you fit in”


In this piece I will use the human anatomy as my analogy to get my point across to why the CORE is vital to success.

About a year ago I hurt my back really bad and needed to seek medical attention.  As I was going through the physical therapy treatment I realized if I had a strong CORE I would not be in this situation.

The CORE is the balanced development of the deep and superficial muscles that stabilize, align, and move the trunk of the body, especially the abdominals and muscles of the back. CORE strength goes beyond the surface muscles and asks us to utilize our deep internal muscles to maintain stability in motion.  The CORE is the most important group of muscles in the body and if neglected can cause injury which in turn is a setback.

With that being said it was the fact I had weak CORE surrounding the larger muscles that lead to my injury.  I hope you follow me on this…

In life you have one world in which you live in.  Since I can only speak from my personal experiences my world has been planted with a great supporting cast of people such as family, friends, coworkers, teachers, mentors, coaches and more.  These groups I just mentioned are my CORE.  I have strong supporting people in my world, which allows for me to venture out and try new things without fear of failure because I have the supporting cast around me.  Failure is a part of success without failure success does not exist.

“The CORE” is not only the people who support you but they are similar minded individuals like yourselves who share a lot in common and are supportive of your goals and ambitions. I owe my all my successes and accomplishments to the CORE because without this group of I would not be where I am today! 

Remember “you are the company you keep”

Thank you

I read a book titled “Attitude 101” by John C Maxwell and I came across this passage and I want to share it with you.

Success is…
Knowing your purpose,
Growing to reach you maximum potential, and
Sowing seeds that benefit others.

Success is a journey and once you realize it no matter how long you live or what you decide to do in life you will never exhaust your capacity to grow or run out of opportunities to help others.  When you see success as a journey, you will never have the problem of trying to arrive at an exclusive final destination.  Nor will you find yourself in a position where you have accomplished some final goal, only to discover you are still unfulfilled and searching for something else to do.

John Maxwell “Attitude 101”