Good Monday folks!

Today’s piece will be short and sweet. One of my best friends shared this with acronym with me and it is something I will always remember now I would like to share it with you.

H.O.P.E= Have Only Positive Expectations

H.O.P.E is what has contributed to my accomplishments in my career as well as in my personal development. H.O.P.E is all about your mentality if you only have positive expectations the outcome can only be positive. Every situation we face in life can be looked at one of two ways, negative or positive. One must make the conscious decision about his/her attitude, we have the luxury of choosing how feel (which is really powerful when you think about it).

Your challenge this week will be to keep H.O.P.E alive.


4/17/2012 06:22:15

It is great to be reminded that we have that luxury to choose, we often forget. Thanks Devon, challenge accepted :)

4/17/2012 10:29:14

Thanks for the feed back Roy your support is really appreciated

8/28/2012 20:46:37

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10/2/2012 23:07:06

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