Welcome to “Good Vides” this section was formed to create a space for readers to find motivational and/or inspiration stories, information, tools and resources. I am excited to share my knowledge and experiences with you all. I will update the section of the website weekly however there will be times when you may find multiple post in the same week and I will do my best to keep you all up to date with the newest post.

“Good Vibes” was inspired by a friend of mine who gave me a journal on December 14th 2011 as a going away present. The name of the journal was titled “Good Vides” and the only rule for this journal is “all the contents put into this book must be positive”. With that being said I started writing in this journal only positive stories, quotes, words, sayings etc. Therefore you will read some of the contents I have written in my journal. 

I want to share my thoughts, stories and experiences with you all and take you on my journey in hopes to provide a spark which will ignite ones inner self to become motivated to make a difference in their life in a positive way.

I look forward to sharing more with you in the near future stay tuned…

May you be strong.

May you know peace.

May you know happiness.

May you know joy and grace

May you be free.

May you know freedom.

3/25/2012 08:56:02 pm

Thank you Akil.
Your continual positiveness is addictive, and truly inspirational to anyone who is fortunate enough to experience your website.

3/25/2012 09:14:05 pm

Thanks Darren. Devon is one of my best friends and a very inspirational guy. SO it was great that he agreed to help and and bring some of that positiveness (if thats a word) to my site. Thanks you for the comment as always and I'll make sure your kind words get to him.

4/2/2012 02:03:02 pm

Darren thank you for the positive feedback I will continue to strive to share my experiences in hopes to impact people in a way that will positively impact lives. Akil thank you for this great opportunity.


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