This piece was inspired by a conversation I previously had with Akil about taking time to praise ourselves for all of our accomplishments.

I pride myself on being humble and making the best of my situation, I do what I can to live a positive life. Therefore you will not hear me speak much about all my accomplishments, but you will hear me speak about working to be better and wanting to do more with myself. As human beings we are our own worst enemy and nothing we do will ever be good enough. We will always want more and more and more… With that being said lets take time to reflect on our accomplishments and pat ourselves on the back! 

I have beat a lot of statistics and have done many things people told me I would not be able to do but yet I still want more! I know there is more to me than what I have done to this point however I need to pat myself on the back. It is important to look back to see how far you have come and recognize yourself for all your accomplishments whether it be passing an exam, buying a house, owning a business or learning a new language. You have to realize your worth if you don’t praise yourself you cannot expect others to praise you, be happy with the path you have created.

Your challenge this week is to take time out of your day and write down all your accomplishments up to this point in your life, it can be personal or career oriented. The purpose of this activity is to help you identify and visualize all the greats things you have done.

I hope you enjoyed my post and thank you for reading.

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