The 3 P’s are the foundation to all successes one will achieve in life.

Persistence is the continued existence or occurrence. It is the continuance of an effect after its’ cause is removed. Persistence is important because it is very rare that we will get what we want the first time we try however we may finally get it after the 10th attempt. If we received everything we ever wanted on the first attempt we would have no appreciation for hard work and dedication. Find your passion set your target/goal and you work and you work and you work if you fail you fail forward and you keep working. Eventually what you want you will get.

Patience is the ability or willingness to suppress restlessness or annoyance when confronted with delay. The famous saying patience is a virtue is absolutely true. Since you have been persistent at working/studying your craft you must be patient and understand anything great is worth the wait. At some point in life we will all be faced with a delay of some sort, but once we learn to stay strong mentally, physically, spiritually and willing to live restless nights than one will understand patience.

Prayer to offer devout petition, praise, thanks, etc., to God or an object of worship. I am not going to preach the gospel but I will say whoever or whatever you worship ask for a blessing, guidance, strength, health etc. Put all that you have been working on or studying into the atmosphere and if all goes well you will acquire the benefits.

I challenge you to do some self-reflecting and check to see if you are laying down a foundation to success.

Thank you for reading.
P.S. Hey guys, Akil here, if you want to learn a little more about Devon personally, check out the interview Devon recently did for the Life Work Balances website. 

4/22/2012 09:10:56 pm

So true! Believe me, I've tried different combinations of 2 of the 3 'P's in the past, and it just doesn't work, have got to practice all 3 to get there.
Thanks Devon :)

4/23/2012 12:15:55 am

Roy I agree I too have only practiced 2 of 3 and have come up short it was not until I used all 3 that I started to achieve my goals... Your continued support is much appreciated.


4/23/2012 04:10:22 am


4/24/2012 06:31:47 am

Conor you are very welcome it was a pleasure working with you.


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