Although you and I may have certain conditions that we may have to contend with we are not the condition! For example you might be fighting an illness such as cancer, which is a deadly disease. One may feel weak physically, mentally, spiritually etc. however that individual has the choice to not be their condition (cancer), one can still be positive and have an optimistic outlook and live a purposeful life.

You are not defined by your condition or confined to your condition. Too many times people think because things are the way they are they cannot change and they become confined to living that condition. When we are in conditions too long they begin to define us and it becomes the place of identification for us.  

How many times have we, perhaps, known someone and identified them based on a particular condition rather than who they were? I am sure you have done this before I know I have. For example I have gone out after work with a friend of mine and when I introduced him to others I referred to him as “meet my Boss” however we are friends and we were not in a work setting. On the same note you know someone who has a handicap so you start to identify the person for their handicap and disregard the individual for who they really are.

“Your condition will not determine your destiny but can be an instrument to shape you for your purpose in life.” Anthony Triplett

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