The last couple of weeks has been a real mental challenge for me. About a month ago, my employer informed me along with others that our position was disappearing, and we would have to fight for the new position they were creating. They called it a management restructuring. I didn't see the odds in my favour since there was only going to be about eleven jobs, for at least fifty-five candidates, minus the ones that would simply up and quit.

Nevertheless, I felt that my best option was to step down, take a part time position, and trade part time to balance out my finances. I can honestly say if I never took the Protrader course, I would be at a loss, and would be like so many others, wondering what they were going to do after their Apr 2013 deadline, many in which would be out of jobs. I didn't want to be in their position, so I took a position, that I would always be in front of my computer by 8am, and planned to be a day trader. Begining next month, I will at least be a part time professional trader.

As I stated earlier, these last couple of weeks have been a real mental challenge. As the time gets closer and closer, I begin to realize more and more that my trading style must change. For starters, trading with a full time job, there was a sense that I didn't pay or give the correct focus on the market, or my trading. I have even noticed that I've made more mistakes - or maybe - because, it's the first time that I've been recording my trades (and yes, I have a man's diary too, Akil. At least now I do). The most recurring theme has been "Am I trading enough", "Will I get enough trades" If I have learned anything this week, A Journal is NECESSARY. The above questions would have been answered, and if there is anyone reading this not writing one, I hope you don't learn it the way I did. You need one. I'm also so amazed by the number of mistakes I've noticed while I have been writing it. It has assuredly opened my eyes.

As for the number of trades, well I have an edge, and my edge is a probability, and it makes sense that there will be times when it might not be there, and those times I must be out, and when it's present, I must be all in for it to work.

Lastly, (sorry to be so long), this new change, I realize has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has made me a little nervous. But I also realize, if I'm going to succeed in this, I must step out and take the risk. This is the only way one grows in anything.