As you've probably noticed it has been a while since I've written a post. Although this was not intentional, I do apologize more making you wait. With that being said I do have a pretty good excuse. After the Live Room on Monday I started to pack my stuff in preparation for my big trip to the Midwest part of the United States in order to visit the Triple Threat Trading Word command center as Darren calls it.  Unfortunately due to storms in my area my plans ended up changing a little bit. With that being said everything ended up working out fine. I'm now in Colorado coaching an athlete of mine at the NCAA Track & Field National Championships and finally have a little down time for rest and relaxation. I return home this Sunday and I have a lot to write about. Therefore, what I'm planning to do is write a three part series about my experiences of the business portion of my trip titled I Came, I Saw, I Conquered. I'm not going to spill the beans right now, but lets just say I learned a lot in my few days out there.  All three posts should be up next week to give you a little reading material over you memorial day Holiday.  Talk to you soon traders!
5/25/2012 05:31:35 am

Hey akil,
something off the subject,besides loving currency trading(forex) i also love track and field.I was a 1,500 m runner ,besides soccer, back in the days.Nowadays i am training to, one day,compete in the master championships in 3,000 meters.Please tell me which athlete,and what distance, you are training.

Nuno Leitao
5/25/2012 08:30:34 am

can wait man, cant wait!!!

5/26/2012 03:28:03 am

Hey Luis, when I ran I was a sprinter so I ran 100m-400m. I now mainly coach the sprinters but I also assist with our cross country and distance runners who run anywhere from 800m-10,000m. I'm currently training myself, more towards the distance side of things so I've been doing a lot of 5K races myself as well.

8/8/2012 04:24:57 pm

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