Too many times I have expressed my frustrations with the things I do not have in my life… then it hit me. 

One day I looked in my refrigerator and cabinets to realize I had no food; needless to say I had to go grocery shopping.  Suddenly, when I started to fill my refrigerator and cabinets a sense of victory started to overwhelm me.  It was at that point I felt blessed… because I had food to fill my house, which I bought with my own money.  This idea is simple and may seem silly however, it was vital I realize this energy and acknowledge it because not everyone has that privilege.

I shared my story to say this… be thankful for what you do have.  I am sure everyone can list the things they do not have but at the end of the day you still do not have those things, so do not focus on what you do not have.  Rather, think about all that you do have (family, life, job, food, love, shelter etc) even if your not in the best situation remember someone has it worst and at the end of the day you still can be thankful and count your blessing.

6/20/2011 01:02:56 am

Short but I like it. I often think about the same thing. People often ask me "how are you doing" and I always reply, "I'm alive." I feel wrong complaining about not having a ton of money or material possessions because I know there are a ton of people like you said that can't afford the basic necessities. While thinking of a picture to post with your story, I felt so bad when I started googling pictures of starving children. I actually had to turn away at one point after seeing some of the actions their forced to take in order to eat. I think your trip to Africa is going to give you a lot of perspective. I have a few friends that have gone (or to some other 3rd world countries) including my finacee & they all say the same thing when they return. But I feel its one of those things that you can't truly respect until you see it with your own two eyes

6/20/2011 06:22:37 am

Thanks for taking the time to read and post a comment. Speaking of the picture, the one you posted really hit me in the chest, I could not believe that was a persons arm and hand so small and frail looking...The piece is really short but powerful I wanted people to understand how fortunate they are. Being able to read the info we post on this site alone is a blessing


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