As children we learn immediately once entering the world, every experience is a lesson that has the potential to be embedded in our brain forever.  As we age we obtain more knowledge from school, work, relationships, hardships, accomplishments etc.  With that being said our brains have a capacity, which only can store a certain amount of knowledge/information.  I have a lot of different experiences and knowledge however some of the information I retained over the years has escaped me due to my limited brain capacity. Everyday there is information flowing in and out of our brain/mind and it sometimes can be over whelming for people.

I say that to say this “everything is not for everybody”.  We need to be aware of what we allow to enter and exit our minds.  Not all information is good information, for example, say growing up you were told things like “you will never make it”, “you are a low life”, “you are a failure”.  At some point you may start to believe those things, not because you think they are true but because you let those ideas occupy space in your mind and you retain that information, negative ideas need to be removed for your mind set. 

On the flip side we need to make sure we hold on to positive information that has entered our minds.  Remember our minds can only hold so much information so make sure the information stored will build you up and not tear you down.  Ideas like “I am beautiful”, “I am a winner”, “I am successful”, and “I have victory” is the information we need to fill our minds with.  There is too much negativity in this world but there is also a lot of positivity as well, it depends on what information you are storing. 

Here is an analogy, your cell phone holds 100 contacts and you just met a great person and you received their contact but the only way you can save that information is to delete one contact to create space.  It’s the same thing with ideas, information, experiences etc.

I challenge you critically evaluate what you expose yourself to on a regular basis TV, radio, Internet, people, attitudes etc.  The purpose is to get you to start thinking about the information you are allowing to enter and exit your mind. 

The image you have of yourself in your mind is your physical image to the world, when you change the way you think about yourself you will change the way you look to the world and how the world looks to you.

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