The reason I called this my personal paradise was because to me, this day represented how I want to live the rest of my life.  In general I'm not a big fan of being enclosed in tight spaces and I'm also not a big fan of being locked in to a work schedule every day. I look at myself as a leader and although I am able to take criticism I hate not to be given a choice.  Having this free time was something that I haven't been accustomed to since 10th grade. In high school I always was involved in an extracurricular activity both on the weekdays and weekends. In college I was a varsity athlete which took up a good chunk of my day between practice, films and rehab. Not to mention the jobs I had as well to earn spending money.  And after college I went straight to grad school while working from basically 7:30am to 8:00 at night everyday  doing everything from volunteering at the YMCA for school credit, to working in the school district with children with behavioral health conditions, to coaching track in the afternoon, and get this...working as a janitor cleaning banks and daycares at night. All at the same time trying to complete online classes for a graduate degree that I really wasn't interest in.

Those examples weren't given to receive pity or anything like that. there are millions of people that continue to do this on a daily basis. I'm simply stating that I feel that I never really got the chance to enjoy life.  Rather, I'd always rush through it going from task to task instead of taking it in.  That's why having  a day like the other day was so special to me. I was in no rush, had no worries, and was able to do things that enjoyed. This gave me a taste of how I want the rest of my life to be and I'm even more motivated then before to make that happen. 

It has been my goal now for about 10yrs to be a millionaire by the time I hit 30. Why 30 you ask? Well because I have some pretty adventurous things I want to try out, and the way it looks, my body may not hold up  much past that age. As each year goes by and I see myself getting no closer (financially) to that goal, I become even more focused.  With 4 yrs and 5 months until that date, I now make sure that each move I make is properly calculated to push me in the right direction.  I want to make sure everything I do has me on the right path to reach my goal. I WILL be worth a million dollars by the age of 30 I am confident in that.  Not because I have a lottery ticket that I know will win. Not because I have calculated a master craps and blackjack strategy, although I am still trying to work on one lol. Simply because I HATE TO LOSE at things I can control.  I can't really explain it but I just don't like it and I actually fear the feeling of being a loser. Therefore I use that fear to motivate me to success. 

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