One of Team Royalty's main motto's is "Progression".  With that being said, my brother and I are always thinking of ways to make the site better and move on to the next level.  Currently we have a million ideas on deck but that's something that you guys are going to have to wait for. However, recently I've been asking myself "why don't people visit the site?" One answer I received from a few people was because they thought it was strictly about business issues. At first I thought to myself, well if you've been visiting the site frequently you would know that this isn't the case. But then as I thought about it, and the name of the site is I Am Business and that first impression is what most people think of.  With that being said I wanted to take the time to explain why the name of the site is I Am Business and what we really meant by this slogan.

The slogan I Am Business is meant to be thought of as more of a mindset, rather than to be taken too literally. We believe that you are in 100% control of your life and it's no different than running your own business. In a business plan (from the top down) you have a mission statement, goals, objectives and tactics.

Mission Statement: Your mission statement is comparable to the morals and ethics that you follow in life. What do you stand for? What kind of person are you? 

Goals: Goals are self explanatory, what would you like to achieve overall in life? These goals don't have to be specific but simply an overall direction in which you want to take your life. 

Objectives: Your objectives are a more specific breakdown of your goals. For example, if you have a goal that says: I want to be financially stable, or I want to help others, then your objectives should be what you need to do in order to complete that goal. If your goal is to be financially stable then an objective can be to achieve that goal by becoming a doctor, or opening your own business, or working on personal money management, etc.

Tactics: Lastly your tactics are the specific steps that you need to take to achieve your objectives and goals. What exactly do you need to do to reach your goals.

All of these areas can be thought of on a larger basis or in your day to day activity. The point is that your life is your business. You own it, you call the shots and you make the difficult decisions. In many cases people get comfortable with way they are at instead of continuing to push forward and set new goals and a true plan to accomplish those goals in an organized and professional manner. 

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