This weekend I went down to the homeless shelter with a few students to do community service. Our main job was working in the kitchen serving all the members who came to eat. This was not my first time doing this however the impact this time around was different. As I was serving some of the people I would find myself looking at them in their eyes for a second longer and in that second they told me a story, not a story about that person but a story about me!

The story I realized about myself was how much I have to be thankful for. I have the luxury to go to my refrigerator and select what food I want to eat and if that’s not good enough I can go out and buy food from a restaurant. I find it to be surprising who you see come into a homeless shelter or a soup kitchen for food, there is no way to see the struggles of a human being just by looking. As I observed peoples behaviors I noticed some of the people there were very talented, one woman and man were drawling a portrait of a young man and others enjoying their meal with friends sharing laughs and stories. The members of the shelter were so thankful for the meals and the service we provided them with.

My experience at the homeless shelter made me once again self reflect on the present and to be thankful for all that I “do” have. “One who focuses on the positives in life shall never be impacted by the negative”. 

Thanks for listening to my story

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