Hey traders. Those of you that have been following me for a while know my back story pretty well, but for those who may just have joined my journey or are reading for the first time I want to remind you that I haven't been trading for all that long.  My first experience with Forex actually began less than four years ago and it was almost two years ago to the day when I was first introduced to Jason Stapleton and 4xTradersLive.  Obviously a lot has changed within the last two years. 4xTradersLive is now Triple Threat Trading, I no longer stay up at night debating if trading will be a key part of my future and I've made the change from being mainly a swing trader to a day-trader, although I still love to swing ;-)... trade that is hahaha. Anyway Despite all of the changes in my life and in the world there is something that stayed constant, and that's the type of person that Jason Stapleton is.

My journey to Kansas City didn't start off to smoothly last week. Due to some major storms in my area my flight was delayed and actually re-routed to another city. Long story short I didn't get into Kansas City Airport until close to two o'clock in the morning. Half asleep when making my way in from the airport I was pleasantly awaken by the smell of barbeque as soon as I crossed the bridge into the city. This is when it hit home that I was actually here. That this was real. That I was really asked to come out to meet the team. So how did I feel you might ask. Nervous? Scared? Excited? Well to be honest, just tired. I knew that I had to be up in about three hours so all I could think of was hitting the bed and making sure I actually woke up on time.

The following day would be my first time in the office as well as my first time meeting the gang in person.  My first contact with Jason was two years ago after I filled out a traders assessment on his website. I remember seeing an unrecognized number pop up on my phone and for some odd reason I decided to answer it which was strange for me since I usually don't pick up if I don't see a name.  Maybe it was luck maybe it was fate, speaking to "the big dog" for the first time was the start of a new life for me. Since that day Jason has become a coach, mentor and a person that I respect greatly. I respected him not only for his ability to teach and trade, but also for the way he dealt with people. Out of the hours and hours spend in his room or watching videos, I've never got the sense that he was saying he was better than us. He was always encouraging and humble yet very confident which is a character trait I believe to have myself.  After joining the T2t team my respect grew even more as I began to tap into his entrepreneurial knowledge.  With all of this being said meeting this guy was suppose to be a big deal. You know sort of like meeting a celebrity. As I mentioned earlier I was supposed to be nervous and all of those other things, and maybe I was a little until Todd Brown (the other half of the Triple Threat Trading Monster) greeted me at the door with a "Hey what's up man, glad to finally meet you." A normal handshake and hug from a person dressed in normal attire made everything seem...well... normal.  At that point I said to myself in my head, "hey man, these guys are just like you." A few minutes later I met the rest of the gang including Jason himself and the trend continued. Nobody was trying to show off, nobody acted as if I was invisible, everything was like I've been there for years.

With less than an hour before I had to start the Live Room Todd showed me to the desk where I would be running the Live Room from and I was ready to rock and roll just as if I was at home. Well... a much nicer home. It's hard to explain the feel of the T2t offices but let's just said it has a very down to earth classic, artsy type feel to it. That and a crap load of computer monitors. Anyway, the room went well and it honestly didn't even feel as if I was away. It wasn't until the close of the live room when the real experience started to happen.

Part 2 coming soon!

5/30/2012 07:11:01 am

I bet darren is the one who really cracks the whip, lol

5/30/2012 08:52:19 am

This is true Lax, lol


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