The last couple of weeks has been a real mental challenge for me. About a month ago, my employer informed me along with others that our position was disappearing, and we would have to fight for the new position they were creating. They called it a management restructuring. I didn't see the odds in my favour since there was only going to be about eleven jobs, for at least fifty-five candidates, minus the ones that would simply up and quit.

Nevertheless, I felt that my best option was to step down, take a part time position, and trade part time to balance out my finances. I can honestly say if I never took the Protrader course, I would be at a loss, and would be like so many others, wondering what they were going to do after their Apr 2013 deadline, many in which would be out of jobs. I didn't want to be in their position, so I took a position, that I would always be in front of my computer by 8am, and planned to be a day trader. Begining next month, I will at least be a part time professional trader.

As I stated earlier, these last couple of weeks have been a real mental challenge. As the time gets closer and closer, I begin to realize more and more that my trading style must change. For starters, trading with a full time job, there was a sense that I didn't pay or give the correct focus on the market, or my trading. I have even noticed that I've made more mistakes - or maybe - because, it's the first time that I've been recording my trades (and yes, I have a man's diary too, Akil. At least now I do). The most recurring theme has been "Am I trading enough", "Will I get enough trades" If I have learned anything this week, A Journal is NECESSARY. The above questions would have been answered, and if there is anyone reading this not writing one, I hope you don't learn it the way I did. You need one. I'm also so amazed by the number of mistakes I've noticed while I have been writing it. It has assuredly opened my eyes.

As for the number of trades, well I have an edge, and my edge is a probability, and it makes sense that there will be times when it might not be there, and those times I must be out, and when it's present, I must be all in for it to work.

Lastly, (sorry to be so long), this new change, I realize has pushed me out of my comfort zone, and has made me a little nervous. But I also realize, if I'm going to succeed in this, I must step out and take the risk. This is the only way one grows in anything.
6/7/2012 08:51:27 pm

Totally agree about the trade journal Pat, mine also helps keep me accountable to myself. It is a huge change, trading for a living, but sounds like you going to do just fine. Thank you for sharing and best wishes :)

6/7/2012 09:21:41 pm

Sounds like you've got the right frame of mind to be a successful pro trader Pat. I 100% agree with you about the journal. I didn't believe it before but it's amazing how everything starts to become clear once you see it in black and white.

If you are nervous that's good because it means you are learning. Once you are in a comfort zone it's easy to become stagnated.

Remember, trading is about self discovery not a sprint

6/8/2012 09:48:28 am

I've always loved that last line of your Lax

6/8/2012 02:58:24 am

don't be afraid life is all about . I quit a $80,000 job goverment and trade full time and never look back. Once you made up your mind just do it . Just remember if someone can trade for a living like my self you can too if you follow the rule of trade ... Good luck my friend

7/23/2012 05:33:53 pm

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