The other day I wrote a short piece for my tumblr site ( ) titled "Keep Shooting." In brief the post talked about a horrible start to the month as far as trading went. But despite going through a rough streak of losing trades, I had to keep pulling the trigger on every set up that met my qualifications. This Monday didn't start out any better then the rest of June and combine that with some really negative news in my personal life i was all but set for a meltdown. Call me crazy but at this point I remember myself looking at the charts on my computer and saying "you are my way out." Meaning that success in trading was my way out of the rat race. (If you're not familiar with that concept I suggest you read "Rich dad, Poor dad.") I've worked very hard doing job after job after job that I hated over the last six plus years that I refuse to go back to that life. So I refocused myself, re-read my psychology section of my trading plan, and got back to business shooting without a care. And by that I mean taking the trades I'm suppose to take without thinking about the past. With that being said Tuesday was a goo trading day for me and last night/ this morning was even better. I haven't calculated the exact numerical figures but i know I'm back on the right track and out of the hole that I put myself in earlier. 

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