Sorry for being a day late guys but yesterday was pretty busy for me outside of trading. As far as my day-trading well it was a very slow day again. Seems like most of the action was on Monday and Tuesday. Looking back at the charts the European session had some pretty good action but I don't start until New York opens so i couldn't take advantage. With that being said I had one loser on the GBPUSD for a total of -48pips.  With our previous total being at +193 that ends our week in the positive once again for a total of +145 which isn't to bad.  I don't have a numerical goal in mind when it comes to the day trading simply because I don't want to put myself in the position where I feel as if I have to chase trades in order to reach it. Especially if we get off to a slow start. But I'll be satisfied with 100pips a week any day. Keep in mind pips aren't dollars so what's 100pips trading 1 mini lot is $100 but when you start growing your account and are able to trade even 5mini lots, that same 100pip week is suddenly $500 dollars.  

I'll be in a convention all next week so I doubt I'll have any time to day-trade :-( I'll try but simply looking at the schedule of events I may only have 2 hrs a day unless I want to try and wake up for Europe. Who knows I may just take off.  That's neither here or there. Another positive week in the books! That makes 3 in a row which is a really good sign.  Especially for those who will be joining me in January.  If you haven't heard about what's happening in January then just be on the lookout. It's going to be BIG!  have a great weekend and stay warm for you Northeastern folks like myself. 

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