Hey traders, I wanted to stop in and give you a quick post before I head out to a meeting. Today was a pretty boring day in the live room. I'm not sure if yesterday being Memorial Day had anything to do with it, or maybe the fact that it's the end of the month so the big dogs aren't really interested in taking any positions. Either way you look at it the market was pretty slow. With that being said we still had a chance to get involved in two trades today. The first was on the NZDUSD and the so was the second. The first trade we took was a Gartley pattern which occurred right after a nice looking ABCD completion. This trade put up a pretty good fight but was ultimately stopped out for a loss of about 13pips.  Less than an hour later we got another valid trading opportunity on the same pair which ended up being a multiple target winner with tgt 1 going for 27pips and tgt 2 going for over 40. In total we managed to steal about 50pips of profit out of the market by having one winner and one loser. This is a prime example of why it's important not to have grudges in the market after a losing trade.  In this case if you did, you would have missed a winner that basically doubled you loss. This just proves again, follow your plan and continue to trade through thick and thin. See you in the room tomorrow traders, and hopefully we can continue this KILLER streak that we're on! 

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