Sorry for the delay in getting part 5 to you. I've had a busy week both in and out of the market while at the same time getting ready to journey down south once more in a few days. Hopefully I learned something from my last experience.   Although I learned a bunch of hard taught lessons last time, I mentioned that I still came out with positive feelings. Yes, I had a losing week, but one thing that I did gain was respect. Same song and dance, but whenever you do something new or out of the norm people will feel a certain way about you. We've gone down this path before so i won't go into details. During my trip down south I had many people come up to me an actually ask me what I was doing, or what I was looking at.  Yes it could have been fake, or just to be nice, but it felt good to have people give positive comments instead of constantly bashing you about what you do. Since I'm self employed I don't have a boss to come around and tell me good job. Some people even wanted be to briefly explain to them what exactly I was doing. So even though it wasn't in a big way by any means, I had the chance to show off what I did which felt good. 

This trip may have been a turning point in my trading career, as I've been doing pretty decent since coming home. Maybe it's confidence gained through others lending positive remarks. Maybe its digging deep and getting through a week that seemed like it was destined for failure. Maybe I've just finally hit that point where I've messes up so many times that I have to be right. Who knows, who cares. I've been at this business for 6 months and 15 days and it's about time things start feeling well again. 



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