Hey guys, I apologize for the lack of updates, but I'm feeling a lot better and I'm right back at it. Currently I'm involved in 4 trades. I don't expect any of them to close any time soon so this will be a good test of my discipline.  Out of the 4 trades I'm in I would say that 2 are good and 2 are bad.  I originally thought that all 4 were well executed but after sitting through a class with my mentor, he talked about why he wouldn't be involved in those trades yet. So I guess, technically they aren't bad trades, but they don't have his blessing.  The reason he said he wasn't involved wasn't because it was a bad setup, but rather because he is waiting for the chance of an even better setup. This kind of hurt my feelings at first but he mentioned it was one of those things that simply come from experience in the market. So today I learned a great lesson.  I'm still in the trade and am going to stick to my guns, but next time before I jump into a trade, I'm going to take the time to analyze the setup a little bit better. That way I enter the trade at the most opportune time. 

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