What I thought was going to be a slow day turned out to be pretty eventful. It all started this morning when my morning market analysis gave me ten pairs to put on my watch list. Not all of these pairs had trade setups that were going to be relevant during today's session, but regardless they were worth taking notes of.  The room started out pretty normal. After reviewing a few of the trades we took yesterday we went ahead and looked at some of the pairs on my watch list. Eventually we came across a potential 2618 setup on a pair that I was short from earlier in the week. It was actually pretty cool to get an example of this setup because we have talked about it a lot, but haven't actually gotten the chance to trade one.  This 26-18 trade reminded me of when I was a young trader and was determined to find a Gartley. Back then I didn't know what a Gartley was, but it sounded cool and everyone around me was always talking about it. We have been talking about and falsely spotting 26-18's for the past month and finally I was able to show the newer traders in the room how to actually trader it.  Of the 2 26-18 trades we took today 1 had already hit target 1 and the other is in the green with stops at break even.  Needless to say we're sitting pretty safe on both. We also had a structure trade on AUDUSD that was a winner and offset a loss that we took on EURUSD.   We still have a GBPCHF trade in progress which is testing structure as I write this, we won't know how that one ends until later tonight or tomorrow. See you tomorrow 

Hey Akil, I love the 2618...nice trade indeed. BTW, how do I send you pics? I wanted to share some screen grabs of setups. You've helped me in the 4X underground (alias; majormongo), thot I'd reciprocate. Currently seeing a Bear Gart on 4H AUDJPY and Bull Crab on 4H USDSGB. Nice site BTW.


Hey Derrick, thanks for the comment. The best way to send me charts is on FaceBook. Here is the link to the trading group http://www.facebook.com/groups/216254371801237/ I'm on Skype as well but it seems like it takes forever for charts to get through


Where is the take profit for this method..... Thanx heaps


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