I have noticed a massive amount of ABCD patterns forming this week in the market on many different time frames. I through this chart on because it serves as a really good example since it completes at structure and some Fibonacci ratios as well which makes it an even better opportunity.  Also if you look to the left of my red marks in the bullish direction there is another ABCD completion which I believe I had marked off as a part of a advanced pattern.  These things are everywhere, the hard part is finding them before they complete and having the courage to follow your rule sand get involved.  
11/10/2011 05:59:33

Hi Akil, They are forming quite regularly at this moment in time. And it's great to have someone like yourself letting others know.
Thank you

11/10/2011 19:49:06

Thanks Darren, not sure why they have been forming and completing so much but I'm not complaining. Glad to see I'm not the only one noticing this trend.


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